Experience Matters

With Anchor Property Inspection, you always get a thorough inspection. We offer a full range of inspections including:

  • Buyer Inspections
  • Seller Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • 11 Month/Warranty Inspections
  • Insurance 4-Point Inspections
  • Insurance Wind Mitigation Inspections

Evaluations and Coordinated Services

  • Termite
  • Mold
  • Pools and Spas
  • Tainted or “Chinese” drywall
  • Radon

Traditionally, home inspection fees vary with factors such as square footage, number of bedrooms, age of structure, type of inspection and even such factors such as drive time and current gas prices.

I’ve operated for many years under the philosophy that a lower volume of higher quality inspections is the best way to serve my customers. I’m not the cheapest inspector but my prices are far from the highest. I try to keep my rates at about the industry average. I’m very confident, however, that the quality of my service is top notch. I’ve refused to enter into the price wars over the years and of late because it inevitably lessens the quality of inspections. Essentially, I try to position my fees so that they represent excellent value as compared to my services.  Like any other product or service, with home inspections, you get what you pay for, probably much more so with a home inspection. Don’t make the mistake of shopping for the cheapest home inspection to save a few dollars on such an important investment. The lowest priced inspection is not a bargain. You deserve a good, thorough inspection. Please call Melinda at the office 954-778-5533 and she’ll be happy to offer any help, advice, information and quotes. Just let us know how we can help you.